David Miljanić / DAV



Fav. map:de_inferno

Fav. weapon:ak47

David 'Dav' Miljanic is 25 year old CS:GO player. He has started with cs back in the 2011 after his semipro basketball career. He likes competition and cs gives its dose of adrenaline which is why he fell in love with the game instantly. He's dedicated and willing to improve his game everyday. He's favorite word is 'kokanje'.

General manager

Marko Jovanović / BajonseN



Fav. map:de_train

Fav. weapon:AK47

Baja has been part of esport scene for 9 years now. He has played dota/dota2 proffesionally at first where he played and captained teams like fnatic and h2k. After he retired in 2012 he has been part of various gaming organisation where he organised many local and international LANs.

Founder/ Owner

Mads Korsholm / Zpec^ (DK)



Fav. map: de_inferno

Fav. weapon:AK47 / M4A4

Mads 'Zpec^ (DK)' Korsholm was competitively active back in the happy CS 1.6 days. Due to studies and the following career as a successful entrepreneur and businessman, he have had a long pause from gaming, until a good friend "lured" him to play CS:GO, where he quickly fell in love with the game again.

Playing now only for fun himself, he got the idea of establishing an esports-organization focusing on CS:GO. This became a reality after having invited the team to Copenhagen Games and thereafter signing with them.

- Always following in the footsteps of others, you'll never set the direction yourself.